Death of innocence

Free as we call them, free they are indeed. I love them a lot for ever since I had my first senses that opened me to this world. The Fascination to watch them fly, the birds whether with big or small wings – I was inspired by these beautiful stunning colourful wings to live my life like them. I even created my alias inspired by them “FreeBird” indeed. In the depth of this world they are the only most impressive creatures on this planet capable to living so free to the fullest sense that none comes closer. How close we may get to them in life to copy them we are always restricted to be a bird. To span our wings of freedom we are never in real life ever like a bird.

My heart goes for them when I see them broken. It was such a site at which I am heartbroken. I love you little bird that today I had to carry your dead body with my own hands. I hope this life doesnt give me this occassion again. The first time I carried a colourful dead little sparrow with my own hands from the middle of road in high himalayas to give it its grave, next time was a huge bird whose wing span bigger than my own leg and today for the third time I had to put this one away in silence. I hate this to let them see go away like this.

Accident happened while we were sitting outside in our garden and a bang. After few minutes I just stepped away from the family and I find this bird lying lead with some fluid coming out of its beak. In summer these birds are quite regularly crashing into our windows hoping its a way through it. Even though there is a sticker to make me warn but small birds and tiny flying tots break themselves quite often. Not blood but some yellowish fluid with no smell. Ah, me poor human cant offer anything today to give you your life back.

Sorry my love, I am so sorry to see you go away like this.
My prayers with you wherever you be right now.