Bitlocker Hack : Disable USB bitlocker encryption message

For those of us who are used to adding the USB removable devices for a quick read or write but get blocked by the BitLocker messages such as “Your Device is not encrypted – Please encrypt your device”.

Here’s a quick bypass fix:

Please Note:
#1 – This is not a permanent fix since the policies roll back happen within the GPO managed devices.
#2 – You’re responsible for your own registry hacks
#3 – You will need to apply this each time you want to write to a removable USB device.
#4 – You will need admin rights to your system registry


Change the value to 0 from 1.

WMP 12 – Registry hack – disable on first launch

One quick setting for Window Admins while running the Windows 7 image and even otherwise to disable the launch of first preference screen on the Windows Media Player 12.

Registry setting you need to modify to allow the first run to be disabled for all the users. This is best done via a GPO settings as this will over write the settings for all the users who log on the machine after its imaged or even when it is pushed down to the user.


Camera RAW images

Do you shoot RAW images and then have to use the Adobe products to go through them.
Life made easy now by Windows new Microsoft Codec pack.

Microsoft Download page


Get a codec pack for your windows 7 PC.
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