Filthy habits

Oh yes, I’m bored with the routine of work and life. I need to kick myself to get out of my comfort zone. Well bothered by too much of comfort, I have already started to have a love hate relationship with my new iPad that I have given to myself. It has started eating time of my life but not anymore. I think I am going to get going with my habit of shooting people as the life is so amazing. People around us and especially if you live in a place like London, you are intended to capture some of the most amazing portrait of faces.

For once I am annoyed with the weight and carrying the camera with 70-200mm prime lens it simply become a heavy weight muscle building activity. But for a change I will take on this muscle building activity aimed to achieve something out of it. One shot a day and remaining goes to the bin. A hard way to start but I am on it this time. Taking back to the streets of London from 5-6pm Mon-Fri just the way I like it the best.

I am so not happy with this Apple (Not the real “eating” Apple) annoyance in my life since it has virtually made me stick online for hours and hours in endless fashion. I eat with it, sleep with it, I wake up with it, I sex with it, I am connected with it and I hate it NOW !! Huh, no doubt Americans so love this Apple addiction. Life only as seen with devices and toys that keeps the virtual life on our fingertips.
Was the computer not enough to kill our eyes, back, knees and health overall. Bless the lord of creation who gave man the right to spill the essence of true life in waste format of living.

Watch out for this space and for the space on my Flickr, this time it has got to be it. Streets of London.

Urban Jungle
London Life

Last day at work – EKC

Time, runs away like the sand in the closed fist. So fast that you can barely stop it from vanishing except the last bits which are left in your palm like the memory only left from the whole of that passing time.

Not only does sometimes we bound ourselves to the place where we live but also to the place where we work. It is barely noticeable what kind of relationships we can make – whether they carry on as professional, personal or friends. A good practice of ethics, a long-lasting trust, faith and freedom can only be enjoyed if we give 100% of whatever we do. At the last this working relationship with EISAI was one of a kind for me that I thoroughly enjoyed in terms of my work, dedication and bit of laughter shared with sarcasms from my dear colleagues.

In terms of timelines, working along with colleagues as a team and as a project deliverables, it was always a new challenge, learnings and demanding at times. Especially those helped me in the evenings for the deployments and for the help throughout – I thank you all.

On those words above, not to forget the Master here – Arthur. He is one of a kind – Master of all. I take the oath in his words with being called a Machine and Mansanator which only he can explain to what they exactly justify. I would keep that as golden words from the Master.

New experiences, new surrounding but back to busy London would take a lot out of me again. I moved out of London and moving back again would be a new challenge that surmounts all my other challenges. Stepping away into the Contract world too is something that has got to take a lot away from me rather than the returns. World is a small place as I would catch up some of my ex-employees from this and even the previous workplace. Not too keen on looking at the same side of the coin but the real side which is work and how it will challenge in near future.

A new start
Migrating Further

Worliday – I slap this word

Today, one of the new upsurge that caught attention on the WorldWideWeb media was this new word “Worliday” – A Working holiday which defined by its famous writer Lucy Kellaway at the Financial Times saying “Worliday is a bit like holiday and a bit like work” adding ” It’s the future for professional workers”.

On the contrary where professional life is more about making moolah and dragging the human element out of our existence – this is the ultimate end of real life. We have become those endless robots which have been designated to work like crazy people without looking at ourselves. Our corporate lives have more responsibilities from us than the ones of our own real relationships. Oh yes, to add-on to that its all about professionalism / Moolah / Comfort life.  But if this all is leading us to the end of realism where we are surrounded by this hype of virtual existence and all our privacy is shared by our work – it wont give us the eternal that is part of us but rather just a part that is created by the materialistic needs.

Why even the Working holidays – that’s pointless to ever count it as holidays when you are not going to enjoy your holidays but be surrounded by your devices buzzing ringing and keeping you busy. That’s irrelevant of our real meaning of holidays. Its anyways infected our modern life but what has happened to the Simplicity of existence. Would it ever come back ?? Are we writing our own death of freedom by the devices – by the lifestyles – by the complications – by the never ending circle of on-going new professionalism word.

I am not the one who can advice on how it all will shape our lives but it surely will bring you all closer to the health problems, the radiations, the harmful rays, the cost of your precious eyes, the health of your legs and I do accept it as the cause of all those things which will shape the million other issues on the human front. I really would not want this “Worliday” addition to our lives which are getting bombarded by our own human professionals earning millions but pushing others to follow their footsteps on these regards.

Ultimately, its at the cost of our human life. IMO at least – leave me your opinions.
More from the original write-up by Lucy.