43000 Miles

& here we go marking another 1000miles on the top … Its been a smooth cream till now so lets give it three cheers for making this 43000miles/68800kms in 40months.

Miles after miles.. it just goes on.
Miles after miles.. it just goes on.

& a little hello to keep this as a self pointer.


Tick tock tick tock.. it just clocks 🙂


What lives on you that you grow by each day and life seems to be in control even when nothing around you is in control.
There is not one reason but many that I fail to even count.
For every time I try to count and so is this game that it keeps multiplying.
Game of life is not in saying ” I can’t “.
Even if I try I give it one more shot and it goes on like my each breath.
Destinations in life are endless but limited to how far we want to see.
Seeing is believing but dreaming is sleeping with eyes closed.
To  miss that with eyes closed is to miss on what you may have achieved.
Achieve that you may wish and you may see that there is that next thought already waiting.
Waiting that just makes you feel life is boring is not what you may want.
What you want is an endless lust of your brain that never stops to feed you.
Feeding on what makes you want more is what I call – MULTITUDE of life.

Sweet emotions as I call it, life goes on.
Here to mark one of my favorites.  Enjoy the Multitude”Coloured” version of my life.
I may be too naive at times but I know this is the way life is.
Share, smile, hug and kiss – these things don’t cost a penny.

Join me if you like – learning is for free, business is for money and love is for happiness.
I welcome you to my Page, Like it if it pleases you and if not feel free to come drop by again.
Money is not what I ask, that money you may save will never go with Mani.
What might go with him is the happiness you shared.

I mark this day to say – 33333 – I love her even more to say she can take me on for endless lust of more.
Soon in human life, she will be 3 and I will be 30.
Each passing day we do grow old or say older for there is always a reason to look back.

Time Traveller

Just keeping a check on time and myself as the life passes by.
To top up the previous 70,000miles in India + Another 20,000miles in Europe + Now this continuation of 33,000miles (All on two wheels) so far 🙂


Continuing 🙂


Love, feelings and emotions come to a stop for a moment frozen in the moment of time.

Just a self expression of how it feels to be one with myself.

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Me Myself and my Passion

Love for miles and miles of love

Well dont be tempted by the title of this post as it may seem but this is for the real love for what has not given me any sorrow for whatsoever in the years of togetherness. Yes, its about a Man(i) and his Machine.

Ride Review : Yamaha Fazer FZ6 S2 

Yamaha Fazer FZ6S2
Motorcycle review

After 30,000miles calling it nearly 50,000kms its been a sweet nice comfortable ride.

I wrote a previous review of this Yamaha Fazer FZ6 S2 after the completion of 2000miles but this has gone farther than in my imaginative way.

Miles after miles the journeys have been completed in all seasons of the year beginning with the snowy, cold, wet, damp, and sunny weathers. This machine has never given me a moment where my heart would have felt like stopping.

Forever evergrowing love between Man and machine has never been reduced by anything else than their own fall back from the love. In my case this sweet motorcycle has played a very major inspiration in my life.

With coming to its 30000miles service, I am as happy as I could be with knowing that there has been no such cases where I would have been bothered with the consistency of this power pumping highly full adrenalin engine. Pushing out higher on the speed, no worries you will be able to challenge anyother till it hit the high revs of 12000RPM.

Riding smoothly on the long routes, saddle is well designed to comfort the sore bottom. It can do better but depends on the rider itself. I have taken the machine further beyond others riding non stop long journeys from London, England to Klagenfurt, Austria twice in less than 24hours covering 1000miles each way.

At times on the german autobahn I was tempted to put it down on the speed tests and yes, it does it pretty good with speeds well exceeding 140+mph. The feel is really challenging knowing you are just sitting on a 600cc.

Riding two up since my last few journeys up north in UK have been with a pillion, fully loaded flying up the bumps with both wheels in air and yet so balanced it feels so good to be call it irresistible.

Yamaha has ceases making the Fazer 600 which was on the same lines as R6 but then now focussing on costs they pushed the Diversion to be the new one in its 600 class. Moving the then existing Fazer FZ6 to a higher category adjusting just between 600 and 1000 launching a new category of Fazer FZ8.

Now that is more pumping horse power for a couple of extra thousand pounds but do u actually need them given the fuel is more expensive and this old 600 is still capable of doing all that what new 800 does. At the cost of those extra thousand pounds you sure are liable to get an extra 37BHP if that is your criteria.

For a person like me who travel all year long on two wheels I would not want to suggest an FZ8 to an everyday all weather rider an upgrade. This old well bundled FZ6 S2 is an bundle of package in itself.

Few <b>shortcomings</b> that I have felt riding all along the year on the short and long journeys is that – You need to get an extra tall windshield which can help you stay more comfortable on the long ride against wind deflection.
I am chasing to find one online but Yamaha stopped making their originals extended windshields but checking aftermarket windshields can be a big help.