The Riding FreeBird

Endless destinations, Miles and Memories
Just living it up!

Global Citizen, torn by borders and a loveless lover.
Indian heritage, British by nationality, living in Austria!
Lost in translations mostly.
Never at home when home is 4 walls.

I believe, if I could ever claim all the miles I have done in my lifetime into money, I would turn out to be a rich guy but my richness is in experience so please don’t compare me with your expensive cars, houses and motorcycles that you never ride more than few months because it is too cold.

I love simple things.
I love nature
I love mountains
I love dogs
I love travelling
I love everything a non obsessive person without money loves.

Doing what I love, is what I would never change and never imagine!!
Human connections always are time-bound, they all expire as soon as people tend to see things differently in you because they knew you too well. Hard to imagine but the reality always is different from what we imagine.

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